How Muslims all over the World kiss Arab shoes

Author: Cherson

Do you know that Algeria was not originally Arabic? If you ask the average Westerner or even an average Muslim, they would most probably answer that it has always been Arabic. But Algeria is a Berber country historically. So too is Morocco, Libya, Tunisia, Niger and Mauritania. The Berber peoples were dispossessed of their lands and forced to convert to Islam.

Iran is not Arabic, either. It’s former Persia. Who wants to know: King Cyrus the Great was Persian. As well as Darius I. And Persia’s contribution to the world civilization was times bigger than the contribution of Arabs.

Pakistan is just a part of India with Muslim majority; it is not Arabic, either.

Indonesia is whatever you want, except being Arabic.

Kosovo is NOT Arabic, and the republics of Central Asia, like Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan are not Arabic.

So, the majority of Islamic world is NOT ARABIC.


In Kosovo the civil war was raging for almost 4 years. I do not like Islam, but let’s be objective; most of the victims in this war were Muslims. At last, Kosovo got the independence. What Islamic countries recognized it? Only Turkey, Afghanistan and Malaysia recognized it.

And Arab countries? They, of course, rushed to support the newly formed country with Islamic majority and were, no doubt, among the first to recognize it?

No. Not a single Arab country recognized the independence of Kosovo.

What are the main themes of the international crises in the world news? Look at the headlines; they ALL concern Arabs in some way.

At many European and American universities you can see posters and graffiti like “Free Palestine!” and “End the Israeli Occupation!” Students from Islamic countries (supported by some leftist groups) marched against the Israeli war against Hezbollah. But why does no one ever march for Darfur? Or the African students are more preoccupied about how the enraged Israeli farmers shot a couple of belonging to Arabs cows – than about how their mothers and sisters are being raped and killed by Muslims in Darfur?

When North Korea threatened South Korea with war, why did no one march in support of South Korea or spray graffiti to say “Free North Korea!”? Or the students of Indonesia and Malaysia are more worried by the fact that Israel and Palestine Authority are not good neighbors - than by the fact that nuclear totalitarian and aggressive North Korea is so close to them?

Looks like as if Muslims all over the world were more interested in fighting the Arabs’ struggles than they are in fighting their own struggles in their own parts of the world.

During the civil war in Sri Lanka, many Muslims were killed by both the Buddhist government and the Tamil Tigers. The Sinhalese government attempted to mobilize the Muslim population to fight against the Tamils. What was the reaction of Arab countries? To put it clear; the Arab countries DID NOT GIVE A DAMN about what happened to the Sri Lankan Muslims. And if this also happened in Lebanon or Palestine? Oh, in THIS case all Arab governments would immediately take sides and demand of Muslims all over the world to support them in the “just struggle”.

What is Palestine to a Muslim who lives in Indonesia and often has a very vague idea about where this “Palestine” is and what it should be eaten with? Honestly, it means nothing to him. But for Arabs it’s very important that he support the “just struggle of the Palestinian people”, fighting thus for the interests of Arabs and often putting in jeopardy his OWN interests and the interests of HIS country.

Arab world is only a part of Islamic world. It’s a subsystem within a bigger system. And what we see is how the small subsystem says to the whole system: YOU MUST WORK AND FIGHT FOR ME:

And the System - millions of Muslims from Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Northern Africa, and Iran - says: Yes, darling, anything you want, only you feel good.

Arabs are the Bosses in Islamic world.

And what is the role of Islam in this Arab hegemony? Oh, it’s extremely important. Islam works day and night to the advantage of Arab governments. Islam allows Arab governments to command fifth columns in other nations to work for their goals. Muslims across the world see it as their moral duty to support Palestine and to hate Jews, when it is really the mere self-interest of the Arab nations.

But what makes this Arab hegemony especially cynical is the fact that the Arab government elites do not even believe in Islam. The House of Saud engages in gambling and consumption of alcohol, and sends their children to Western universities. Qaddafi made several public criticisms of Islam in his early years but later reverted to the image of a “pious Muslim”, ha ha.

This suggests that Arab governments are going to fight every inch of the way to keep Islam strong, for THEIR VITAL INTERESTS DEPEND ON IT.

As usual, the “wit kids”-the Arabs-use the dumb masses of Muslims all over the world to serve the Arab interests.

Maybe it’s time for Muslims from Pakistan to understand that the Arabs would never support them against India, no matter how strong the Pakistanis will support Arabs in Palestine? And maybe it’s time for Iran to recall that it used to be one of the greatest nations of the world-until Muslims arrived with Quran in one hand and sable in another?


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