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By: Cherson

The editors of Faith Freedom do not concur with extra-judicial measures to deal with any residents of our "FREE" countries, after we are ruled by the law. Some of the “solutions” offered below appear to be extra-judicial and appear to be reactionary.

However, they do form a basis of what could happen if a free country is pressed to do extraordinary things to maintain their sovereignty and civil order. Historically we have seen reasonable governments do unreasonable things in times of crisis. Sometimes harsh messages must be heard to avoid the crisis itself.

In this article Cherson is the lightning rod.

The Editors

THE QUESTION: how to stop the islamization of Europe and at the same time stop the terrorist attacks by Muslims in non-Muslim countries?

Our pseudo-liberal media weep in despair about the "impossibility to fight the terrorism”, because “the terrorists have no religion and nationality”, and because “we can not punish millions of innocents for the crimes committed by a small fringe of those who hijacked the peaceful religion of Islam”.

But let’s give this task to the computer. It’s only a machine; it has no emotions and morals. We simply enter the initial data-and read the answers on the screen.

Initial data:

  1. In Europe and USA there are immigrants from China, Russia, Africa, India …

    But more than 90% of all the terrorist attacks in Europe and USA are perpetrated by immigrants who belong to one ethnic group: ARABS.

    And the religion this ethnic group confesses is ISLAM.

    So, Arabs of Islamic faith ,who make up for less than 15% of the immigrants in Europe and USA, commit more than 90% of all the terrorist attacks.

  2. In order to perpetrate such an attack, an Arab Muslim must first ENTER Europe or USA.

A Question: what to do to stop the terrorist attacks perpetrated by Arabs of Islamic faith against Europeans and Americans in Europe and America and to stop the islamization of Europe?

The variants any normal computer would offer are:

  1. The most radical variant: kill them all. Technically, this solution is quite possible.

  2. Put them all in the concentration camps. This solution is also quite possible, and besides, can give a good economic effect.

  3. Deportation of ALL the Arab Muslims from Europe and America, together with their families who will in the overwhelming majority of course represent their interests and share their values. Technically, this solution is also quite within reach; of course, these variants would solve the problem of Arab Islamic terrorism. But until we are driven to the last extreme, our moral values will not permit us to do this.
    So, let’s pass to the moderate variant, i.e.

  4. Deportation of all the illegal immigrants, of all those who have the criminal record, and of all those who are suspected of the terrorist activity.

Technically, it’s very simple.

But after this, we shall face the question: What to do with those who will be permitted to stay? In a couple of decades, they, procreating like white ants, will become the majority, and then...

According to the laws in democratic countries, the Muslims have the chance to DEMOCRATICALLY, THROUGH ELECTIONS, come to power in anyone of them - and then convert such an unhappy country into the Sharia-governed rat hole. This well - known fact stimulates Muslims living in Europe and USA to try to make this chance come true.

But there is a small nuance; THROUGH ELECTIONS. In order to participate in the elections, you have to be a citizen with the right to vote. The time a legal immigrant must wait to become a citizen with the right to vote fluctuates between 5 and 10 years.

And what if we make it 30 years?

And what if we stop granting the citizenship at all?

The result will be that Muslims-the group of “high risk”-will not be able to come to power through elections.

So, the solution is to deprive Muslims of the chance to come to power in non-Muslim democratic country through strictly democratic procedure of general elections. This solution is so evident that one would have to be a European politician not to see it.

If we stop "informing" the Muslim immigrants that some Arab who only yesterday came to Berlin, Paris or London is equal to a German, French or Brit with 20 generations of ancestors living in Berlin, Paris or London and if we make it quite clear to them that they have not - and moreover, that they SHOULD NOT HAVE - the same rights as the people who for thousands of years have been living in this particular country, building it, fighting for it and defending it, if we call a spade a spade and tell them clearly that they are only tolerated here while their labour contract is valid, but do not the same rights as the native citizens of this or that European country and that any attempt to "fight for equal rights" will lead directly to deportation (like it is done in Saudi Arabia, learn from the enemy) - they will very soon start dreaming not about becoming "the bosses" in Europe, but only about some easier work and better salary, praising the kindness of the country which let them live a decent life and knowing that they can be thrown out of this country for crossing the road on the red light.

The solution consists in reducing their "rights" to "no rights”

They come in order to earn money and we let them in because we need the workforce. All is fair, nobody is cheating or being cheated. But we must not and are not obliged to give them the chance to root in Europe and convert it into something similar to Iran. And give them the idea that they have the “right” to kill us in our own house.

And the rotation must be constant, again like in Saudi Arabia. 3 or 5 years limits on the labour contract and then it is “good bye”, get back to the country you came from. Who is next?

Muslims will protest and even riot? Very well it is okay with us.

The answer must be very simple: You don’t like it here? America and Europe are "bad", "dirty thieves", "undemocratic" and “robbers"? Then let we “bad” people invite you to go BACK HOME! THIS IS NOT YOUR COUNTRY. Either you live by OUR laws or get out. Go back to where you came from and enjoy your Islamic paradise there not here.

What must be done right now:

  1. Close the majority of mosques and ban the building of the new ones.

  2. Close the Islamic schools in Europe.

  3. Regular police registration for immigrants from Muslim countries (if someone does not know, any foreigner coming to Russia even from the most prosperous countries must check in during his/her stay there with the police. And nothing happens, you know! And Russia is the respected member of G8).

And what to do with the hordes of ILLEGAL immigrants who exploit European liberal laws and in a few years become legal?

After the 3/11 terrorist attack in Madrid, in March of 2004, I published a small article where I offered to stop giving European citizenship to Muslims and thus, put a stop to their possibility to vote. I also offered to consider the illegal immigration a crime – and not an administrative fault as it was considered at that moment in practically all European countries - and treat the illegal immigrants accordingly.

The reaction surpassed my boldest expectations; I have never received such a number of hate messages, both from Muslims and “leftists”.

But a couple of weeks ago the European Unity accepted the law proposed by Italy according to which the illegal immigration stops to be an administrative violation and becomes a crime punished with 18 - 24 months in special centres and followed by deportation.

And the Italian and French legislators do not even bother to conceal that this law is mainly against Muslim immigration.

The political elite of the European countries needed 5 years to understand something which was absolutely clear to any normal European. (Hmm…Maybe we should change the political elite? This one which we have now looks a bit …well, let’s put it politely: slow). But finally, they took the initiative and made the decision. The illegal immigration has become an outlaw in the EU- at last!

And now suppose, that after all this, Muslims commit in USA or some European country THE TERRORIST ATTACK!!!

Immediately, all the railway stations, airports, sea ports and borders are closed.

All the Muslims are arrested and put into the filtering camps which they themselves build (like the Americans did with all their citizens of Japanese origin after the Pearl Harbour attack).

The first to be interrogated are those who are on the “black list” of the police and Intelligence Services for being suspects of being involved in any terrorist or criminal activity. The information gotten from them is used to catch those who are NOT on the black lists, yet. The camps work as the filtering centres for a couple of months, and after that those who are “clean” get out, after signing the obligation to inform the police about their co-religionists. And till the end of the time, the whole community is responsible for any “tricks” perpetrated by its members.

And those who are NOT “clean” go to prison or are deported.
And after that peace and calm, and the terrorist attack reached the wonderful effect: IN THE COUNTRY WHERE MUSLIMS WHO PERPETRATED THE ATTACK THEY HAVE NO PERSPECTIVES.

And what if Muslims, in response, seize hostages in some Islamic country?

The country the hostages are from takes hostages from the most respected members of the local Islamic community with the coefficient 100:1, and sends to the terrorists the honest warning: if our people are not freed, yours will rot in jail. And if you kill our hostages, we shall kill yours, with that same coefficient: 100:1.

And the terrorists know that by killing one hostage, they condemn to death 100 Muslims. The “misunderstanding” is possible only one single time: the first, until they understand that we are not kidding.

I do not call for "genocide”, “dictatorship" or "Gulags”; to be honest, I do not call for anything. I just give the honest answers to the repeatedly asked question: how to stop the islamization of Europe and how to fight the Islamic terrorism.

You know these answers as well as I do, and our only problem is that we are afraid to accept them. We also know that the “civilized” world will not take innocent people hostage or kill those innocent people as revenge for the terrorist killing hostages, but these nasty measures are the only things that the terrorist would actually understand. In other words we would be sinking to their level, which is not acceptable. But these nasty actions would give immediate results.

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