Islamic Tools of War

Vernon Richards

As has so often been the case, Islamists use our own inventions against us in their efforts to bring down the very societies who created them. Having nothing better to offer, and so no way to compete in the realm of ideas, they instead use our own successes against us in an effort to weaken us to the point they can impose on us their 5th century draconian religion. Having neither deployable weapons or missiles of their own, they used our own airliners to bring down the twin towers and kill thousands. They use the confines of efficient mass transit (bus/rail) to set off bombs and inflict the maximum damage and casualties. They attack western schools and school children using weapons perfected by Russian craftsmen. They use Western reverence of religion to promote hateful propaganda inspiring their own young men to perform inhumane acts against other religious congregations at peak attendance. They use the internet to conspire, plan, and command acts that if successful will destroy that very infrastructure. They employ the efficiency of inexpensive car production and road construction to deploy their most fearsome weapon, the homicide car bomber, apparently aspiring to move back to Afghanistan quality roads and donkey carts. Outside what (Western-developed) Oil buys them combined with Western aid, Arab countries don’t even have the wherewithal to feed their own, instead counting heavily on efficient western production of food, while they work to destroy the governments and societies who pay for the Oil and give the food aid to their fellow Muslims. They hate and lash out at the very culture and mechanisms which enable them to enjoy the luxury of concentrating on Jihad. They count on successful economies, freedoms, and transportation to deploy terrorist cells. If and when they employ WMD’s to kill in even larger numbers, they will have also stolen that knowledge/expertise to do so. Pity the world if they succeed, as the utopian vision they seek (after all non-Muslims are dead or converted) would actually be a return to never-ending tribal warfare as various Muslim groups fight other groups they deem insufficiently Muslim. There would be endless poverty, starvation, and disease. To achieve that end, there are other tools terrorists aptly use in their efforts to destroy their benefactors, some of which are listed here:

1. Ignorance: The chief weapon in the quiver of all Islamist expansionist movements, is the absolute necessity to keep victims largely unaware of the actual theology plotting their demise. To complete this deception, a large body of ‘moderates’ continue to spew such ridiculous claims as “Islam means Peace” thereby keeping non-Muslims from actually reading the Qur’an, the Sira, the Hadith, or actually looking into the past 1400 years of history. Islamists also deny or dismiss the concept of ‘abrogation’, which is the universal intra-Islamic method of replacing slightly more tolerable aspects of the religion in favor of more violent demands for Muslims to slay and subdue infidels (see Islam Undressed).

2. Civil liberations and privacy rights advocates: These are groups unwittingly allied to Islamist methods and tactics. By opposing all aspects of the Patriot Act, civil libertarians priority is to effectively expose us all to very real threats, in favor of protecting Americans from ‘nonexistent’ threats to their liberty. Suicidal stupidity drives these folks to oppose public cameras like the ones that identified the London bombers. The New York Civil Liberties Union is preparing a federal lawsuit over New York’s new policy of randomly searching the backpacks of subway passengers. These convenient idiots are tools of Islamist terrorists can always count on. They share in terrorists civil-right demands to be able get on mass-transit systems unmolested, without any risk of bags being searched or images recorded.

3. Extremist Liberals: Liberal democrats blinded in their lust for power and/or hate for Bush are too easily duped/leveraged into supporting Islamist agendas. Great Democrats like Zell Miller notwithstanding, few are wiling to do their homework to discover the minds and hearts of an enemy which would likely kill them the moment they came to power. Instead of using terms like ‘multiculturalism’ to condemn the most intolerant of humans, they instead manage to twist the term to support the most bigoted society in the world, Islam. They demand respect and reverence for the Qur’an while devout followers of that text burn books critical of Islam and kill their authors. To oppose such a dark movement should be a no-brainer, especially for self-proclaimed “progressives”. Instead, they continue to align themselves with a philosophy of death and destruction representing the polar opposite of every democratic talking point. ‘Moral Relativism’ (the underlying foundation for much of what is currently called 'political correctness') is a based on a lie, yet is increasingly embraced by the left. The premise behind 'moral relativism' is that neither Evil or Good actually exist, and so cannot be measured. Such absurd argument is opium for the week minded and the morally challenged. By abandoning common sense and conscience, those ascribing to such arguments think themselves more intelligent, but instead prove only their own corruption. Such thinking errors contribute to the weakening of principals upon which our very democracy is based, and so serves enemies seeking our destruction. The bad-guys working to end democracy and bring back the Caliphate find it all too easy gain cooperation from useful idiots on the far-left.

4. Social Welfare Programs: Yasin Hassan Omar, a Somali asylum-seeker, was the London post 7/7 Warren Street bomber caught on tape. Omar, who was last seen vaulting a barrier at Warren Street station, shared a flat with the No 26 bus bomber, Ibrahim, who moved in with him 2 years ago. Omar had been getting a £88/week housing benefit to pay for a council property flat since 1999, and also received substantial income support, immigration officials say. So for six years British taxpayers have financed Omar’s preparations to kill to the tune of £27,456 ($47,789) in rent, plus a comparable amount in other support. Western social welfare programs are widely used/abused by Muslim immigrants worldwide, who are quite savvy at exploiting such programs. On a national scale, European and American financial aid to such entities as the Palestinian Authority do not all get stuffed into foreign bank accounts of corrupt leaders. Some of the funds pay the living expenses of terrorists and their weapons. The remaining, which pay for security forces, is wasted as it pays only for the magic revolving doors installed at all Palestinian prisons while they refuse to confront/disarm terrorist groups. Gullible US/European governments struggle to comply as Palestinians clamor for ever more money, equipment, training, and infrastructure, ostensibly so they can do that which they have no intention of ever doing.

5. Mainstream Media: It seems most publications and broadcasts must first pass through a prism of partisan ‘political correctness’, in an effort to help keep the general public from knowing and understanding the real enemy. Largely socialist, or at least virulently anti-Bush/anti-Military, many ‘journalists’ disparage our own sons in harms-way while giving sanctuary to terrorist by carefully labeling them ‘insurgents’. The focus is not in-depth understanding, unless that understanding is that Bush lied, Islam means peace, and America is at fault. This all-too-willing Islamist tool is the most effective at brainwashing Americans, thereby helping terrorists bring down America. All free press would be subdued and every investigative journalist would be the first beheaded in the (take your pick) “United Caphilate of America” or “Islamic States of America”.

6. Academia: By refusing to teach actual unbiased/unslanted historical facts about Islamic history, along with glorifying other failed totalitarianism systems, mainstream academics are an important arm of the Islamist movement. Until our children understand how to identify totalitarianism in all its forms, and to understand clearly the methods and tactics used by such systems to brainwash the masses, they are at risk of becoming the unwitting tools of such systems. Misinformation, spin, and propaganda are essential to Islamist goals and the control of public opinion which would otherwise more easily recognize the threat and fight against it. Academia (and leftist Media) are the willing tools carefully cultivated and artfully used to perform that vital function.

7. Drug Pushers/Users: Our intelligence tells us that profits from drugs shipped via Afghanistan were used by Al Qaeda in carrying out the Sept 11 attacks. Opium production in Afghanistan continue to fund Taliban terrorist efforts. While condemning the decedent West to justify their efforts to replace it with Sharia, Islamists are not above contributing to that decadence by pumping drugs into our neighborhoods. They do so with the full knowledge of the personal/social effects of the trade. As they continue to promote and exploit our addiction to Arab Oil, so they work hard to destroy the moral fiber of out sons and daughters through addiction and all the ills associated with drug use. Murder and infidel, or give him/her drugs, rape, pillage, enslave, whatever, …it is all the same to Islamists. Devote followers of the example and direction of their revered prophet were/are taught that there are two separate standards of morality; one governing relations between Muslims, and the other one between Muslims and non-Muslims, where pretty much anything goes. There is a clear-cut connection between Islamic terrorists and crime, particularly illegal drugs. It was just revealed that Bin Laden even attempted to leverage Islamists place in the world drug chain to poison large numbers of Americans in cocaine shipments from Columbia, but was prevented in doing so by more business oriented Columbia cartels.

8. The Womb: The female womb is one of the chief incubators of Islam. For all animals and insects, reproductive rate is the chief component determining the success of any species, determining its level of dominance over competing groups. Islamists subjugate and enslave women, using them to promote Islam demographically. By sacred edict and cultural norms, Muslims carefully control Muslim women and female reproduction. Polygamy and servitude enslaves Muslim women, turning them into little more than baby-factories to generate the raw material needed for Islam’s expansionist goals. Muslim men are also willing, if not anxious, to recruit infidel women to the cause of increasing the pool of Islam’s ready reserves. Indeed, enticing the devotions of non-Muslim girls by hook or crook is considered a part of Islamic Jihad. Success at such enticements also strengthen Islam by weakening Islam’s natural adversary (the non-Muslim nuclear family). To guarantee success at the subjugation of the female womb, Islam encourages female mutilation, beating sexually disobedient wives/slaves, discourages female education and employment, prevents agency of movement and association, and promotes very young girls given in marriage. Young psychologically and emotionally immature girls are more easily manipulated and controlled early in life to become virtual slaves to their husbands and Islam. Islam is fully cognizant of where its real strength lies, which is why female Muslim marriage or association with non-believers brings on ‘honor killings’ or death sentences from sharia courts. Male association with infidel women is encouraged and rewarded as a legitimate form of Jihad, female association is brutally prevented, …you do the math. An important documents every western woman should study to prevent their induction into Islam is Confessions of a Former Islamist by: Ahmed Shalakamy.

9. Violence, Terror, and Intimidation: For the past 1400 years, the chief method of conversion, expansion, and retention of the Islamic masses has been by the same methods used by Muhammad and his henchmen at the beginning of the cult. These effective methods were continued by his ‘rightly-guided’ caliphs following his death, and every devote follower of Islam since. Numerous historical writings and even current news continues to document this egregious fact beyond any doubt. Islam’s criminal acts of war, mayhem, murder, rape, pillage, and slavery fill volumes. Pick up any of a number of scholarly books and articles to familiarize yourself with the history of innumerable vile acts in support of Islam. It is no accident these methods are continued today, as they are an unalterable part of Islam’s core theology (see Islam Undressed).

10. Democracy Itself: Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Movement and Assembly, Freedom of the Press, Privacy rights, Protection from unreasonable Search and Seizure, Legal Rights, are all useful tools of Islamists. All these rights/freedoms do not exist in Iran, and would quickly disappear if Islamist manage to leverage their growing political base to achieve the end of the US Constitution. In the mean time, they are not adverse to use our wide-open societies to promote taqiyya, protect Jihadists, and otherwise help bring themselves into power. All these freedoms need to be carefully and intelligently considered and reasonable caveats applied to prevent their use by an evil ideology masquerading as a religion.

While non-Muslims would consider the use of all these tools in violation of human rights and decency, Islam grants Muslims privilege to use all these instruments to increase Islam’s dominance and dominion over all of humanity. Western governments, institutions, technologies, and families and all need to be protected from abuse and misuse of these tools by Islamists. The first step to shutting down our vulnerabilities to Islamist goals and misuse is both recognition of the threat, and comprehensive education of our own. We literally invite more abuse if we refuse to acknowledge and confront the tools and methods used by Islamists to weaken and destroy civilization as we know it. Legal and physical mechanisms should be found and developed to prevent Islamists from leveraging our own dependencies and infrastructure against us, while still retaining core democratic values. Islam deserves to be treated for what it actually represents, instead of coddled and respected as a ‘great’ religion. Doing nothing is not an option, as Islam is toxic to democracy, families, neighborhoods, and our entire way of life.


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